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A voluntary and collective quality label! 

The BOSEC label is a voluntary quality standard introduced by insurers and the industrial fire prevention sector. The various sectoral federations to the ANPI Association contribute to and support this collective standard with no commercial remit.


A recognised standard supported by all safety stakeholders

The BOSEC standard is managed by the BOSEC quality label committee, which is made up of representatives of all stakeholders in the safety of assets and people:

  • Insurance companies and the Belgian professional union of insurance companies (ASSURALIA)

  • Specialist consultancy firms (ORI)

  • Competent certification & inspection bodies and laboratories such as ANPI and SECO

  • Professional federations of manufacturers, importers and companies active in the safety sector (AGORIA, ALIA, BFSN)
  • Insurance brokers
  • The Federal Public Service Interior , as an observer
  • The fire service


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