Preserve the legal character of the products

Impact on the BOSEC Certification





In case of a BREXIT without an agreement with the European Union, every CE-CPR certificate delivered by a notified body (NoBo) established in Great-Britain becomes invalid on the day Great-Britain leave the EU.


This means that all those certificates have to be transferred to a NoBo established in the EU before that date in order to see to it that the concerned product still complies with the European legislation about the free circulation of goods. This concerns the placement on the market of the product in the EU-27 after the exit date and not the products already present in the EU-27 before that date.


Impact on the BOSEC certificates


Since the BOSEC certification is based on the CE-CPR certificate for all the products having a harmonized standard, the preservation of the BOSEC certificate is directly linked to the preservation of the CE-CPR. This is also the case for all the products having harmonized product standards listed in a BOSEC EN 54-13 certificate.


So it is imperative that the holders of BOSEC certificates transfer their CE-CPR certificate to a NoBo established in the EU before that expiry date and request an update of their BOSEC certificates.


We invite the installers to contact their distributors to undertake the necessary measures for the update of their certificates.


Expiry date


The transfer has to be completed at the exit date of Great-Britain out of the European Union. The BOSEC certificates that cover products for which the transfer has not been shown at that date by the holder, will be suspended. Products that were already present in the EU-27 before the exit date keep the BOSEC logo after that date. It is the manufacturing date that determines whether the BOSEC certification is maintained or not.


The BOSEC certification rules Services require that the installer «permanently possesses the necessary material to realize, commission, control, maintain and repair Installations». We suggest the installers, if they use material manufactured in Great-Britain or certified by NoBo’s established in Great-Britain, to undertake the necessary measures to guarantee that this clause of the rules is respected, if that isn’t the case already.