The new BOSEC regulations are online now !

Fire prevention has always been a specialist area and will remain a specialist area! And the technology is evolving: fire detection systems, for instance, have now become 'convenience' products easily accessible to all. Electricians, or even private individuals with a certain amount of aptitude, often feel they can take the place of an 'installer' without possessing any specialist skills. Nothing could be further from the truth, however: while it's true that the trend towards 'plug and play' means they no longer need in-depth knowledge regarding equipment location strategies, the compatibility of different components, their suitability for specific risks, their maintenance, their robustness in relation to false alarms, protection continuity in case of default, etc. make it inadvisable to try to do without a fire protection system specialist.  The BOSEC regulations have also had to develop in this matter: previously, all that was needed to demonstrate your competence was one certified system to your name. Now you have to be able to prove your ability to deploy, maintain and use suitable protection. So the BOSEC quality label is evolving with the time !