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Relying solely on passive fire prevention would mean constructing houses concrete blocks and only having non-flammable materials in it, or at least a very limited quantity of flammables ones. That scenario is, of course, impossible, and serves only to demonstrate the hugely important role that can be played by fire detection systems, sprinkler systems, smoke extraction systems and manual extinguishing resources ( portable extinguishers and fire hose stations). 

However, active prevention systems require regular maintenance and care, because as their name suggests, they consist of 'active' mechanical or electrical elements that must be kept in full working order. And because your safety is paramount, a rapid response to the slightest concern is also essential. So it's a good idea to select your specialist company according to how local they are! We recommend that they have two BOSEC experts available at all times, who will have demonstrated their competence by successfully passing examinations held by  ANPI.



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