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Only buildings which have been constructed in accordance with best industry practice will benefit from a ten-year guarantee and consequently be insurable. The integrity of  the compartmentation in the event of fire is just as important as the guarantee of the building's structural stability under normal usage conditions.

The Federal Government and the Regions consistently support initiatives that help limit the deployment of the emergency services and therefore help save public funds. Due to Eureopean directives, the BOSEC and BENOR quality labels can unfortunaterly no longer be referred to in Belgian regulations but the fact they were previously cited testifies to the authorities' support of the sectoral federations belonging to the ANPI association. 

Important: while the quality labels can no longer be included in the regulations, they can be referred to in the specifications produced by local/regional councils when they are the contracting authority for a defined project. This provision is supported by Directive EC/2014/24.



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