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Certification rules and schemes

The management committee continually supervises the certification process and oversees the correct usage of the BOSEC quality label. 

To do so, this committee relies on the different regulations and on the technical reference systems and technical notes published by bodies including the Bureau de Normalisation (NBN), the Comité Electrotechnique Belge (CEB), the Prevention Forum (ex CEA), the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), the Society of Fire Protection Engineer,  and the National Association of Fire and Theft Protection (ANPI). 

File Weight  
Admin & Legal Rules 312.37 KB
Certification Rules Products 244.13 KB
Règlement d'ordre intérieur du comité de gestion de la marque BOSEC 232.94 KB
Formulaire Demande d'Offre et Essais Certification Produit 139.91 KB

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