Protection through good organisation

Good organisation is absolutely essential to save lives in the event of a fire.

From risk analysis to control fire scenarios, to the training of members of the internal fire service (former name: first response team member), staff training and organisation is inseparable from passive and active material resources.

BOSEC audits make it possible to assess whether the legal requirements (R.D. 28/03/2014) are indeed respected.

The resulting BOSEC certification is a guarantee not only for insurers and fire services, but also for all users of the building concerned.

Have an audit carried out

To each his trade. If you have a real fire prevention specialist on your staff, don't hesitate to trust him or her.

But if this is not the case, it is better to call on external expertise. This is one of the key principles of the Code of Well being in the Workplace.  To find out, ask the external consultant to take responsibility for his or her proposals!

Auditors certified under the BOSEC brand to assess and make recommendations for your organisation have not only demonstrated their competence, but also adhere to the BOSEC code of ethics.

Refine your organisation

The audit report informs you of precise actions to be taken to improve your fire prevention in strict compliance with regulatory requirements.

These are often organisational actions that do not necessarily require investment, but which, on the other hand, greatly promote communication among your staff.

Guaranteeing your compliance with legal requirements

The audits are carried out in such a way as to be able to comply with fire prevention regulations in all respects, both in terms of architectural aspects (Basic standards), activities (Regional and Community decrees) and workplaces (Code of well-being in the workplace).

Serious savings for your organisation

Joining the useful and ... the useful! The BOSEC quality label for your organisation is first of all to protect yourself from the penalties provided for by law for failure to comply with the Welfare Code. These penalties are very real.  What’s more, thanks to the logic of its underlying methodology, you will avoid redundancy of information, ensure that the right info can be found where and when necessary, and to avoid the administrative complexities. Pragmatism is the leitmotiv here.

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