Active prevention concerns building equipment:

Manual means such as  :

  • portable fire extinguishers and hose reels
  • automatic detection systems
  • automatic extinguishing systems
  • smoke and heat vents

These means, which are easier to install than certain passive prevention measures for an existing building, or a particular architecture of a new building, require regular maintenance which must be carried out by specialised companies.

When, in an existing building, it is difficult to meet the requirements demanded for passive prevention, certain active prevention means can compensate for this deficiency and achieve an acceptable level of safety.

Select a Specialised Company

To limit oneself to passive prevention would be equivalent to constructing concrete blockhouses, and to using only non-flammable materials or very small quantities of them. This is impossible and demonstrates the importance of fire detection systems, automatic extinguishing systems, smoke extraction systems and manual extinguishing means (portable extinguishers and reinforced fire taps).

More than passive prevention, active prevention installations, composed of 'active' elements, mechanical or electrical, require regular maintenance and monitoring.

As your safety must always be guaranteed, rapid intervention at the slightest concern is also necessary.

Select your specialist company according to its proximity!  To advise you, two BOSEC experts are always on hand, with their know-how and competence based on successful examinations at ANPI.

An installation that meets your needs

All fire prevention measures must be designed and carried out according to the use of the premises. 

For example:

automatic detection for prevention,
automatic switch-off to circumscribe,
smoke vents to evacuate
will be favoured when the premises are occupied by people. 

The environment, the use of the premises, the proximity of the emergency services, etc. may give more weight to one or the other technique.

Immediate extinction by gases, not always good for health, may be considered for unoccupied computer rooms such as large database centres (banks, cloud, etc.).

A BOSEC Expert will carry out a concrete preliminary analysis, which will allow you to invest where there is a real need.

A recognised brand!

A building is not insurable if it is not built according to the rules of the trade. The adequacy of the prevention measures that reduce the risk of fire and its consequences has always been taken into consideration by the company in order to mutualise the compensation of victims.

The Federal State and the Regions regularly support initiatives to limit the intervention of the rescue services, thereby saving public funds.

The BOSEC brand is no longer mentioned in Belgian regulations due to European directives, but the fact that it was before shows the authorities' support for the sector federations that are members of ANPI asbl.

For its part, the tax authorities consider that the investment is eligible for a tax reduction because it is synonymous with greater savings in other State and Regional budget items.

Serious savings for your building

The BOSEC brand is a specification in itself. The 'as-built' files that must be given to you are very precise about the components used and the protocols that govern their interrelationship. These files are very useful, both for servicing and maintenance and for subsequent work. When renovating or extending a building, the existing installation will not necessarily be called into question because its technical characteristics, and therefore its possibilities, are known and mastered.

Should your maintenance company disappear, make your choice from the list of certified companies to ensure the continuity of your safety.

A BOSEC-certified specialist company will indeed endorse the work certified by another BOSEC-certified specialist company, in the case of an installation in accordance with BOSEC rules only.


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