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The assurance of being well protected 

When you opt for the BOSEC quality label, you can be sure that you are complying with all legal regulations. An organisation that meets the BOSEC requirements will inspire confidence in insurers, fire service prevention officers and labour inspectors. It’s also worth noting that BOSEC uses the BENOR quality label for all aspects of their manual fire extinguishing products.

Protection through effective organisation

Good organisation is absolutely essential for saving lives in the event of a fire.

From the risk analysis for controlling fire scenarios to training internal fire service members (formerly known as the first response team), the training and organisation of staff is inseparable from the passive and active material equipment.

The BOSEC audit serves to evaluate whether the legal requirements (Royal Decree 28/03/2014) are being complied with. The BOSEC certification which may result from it is a guarantee - not only for insurers and the fire service, but also for all users of the building concerned.



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